155 Globe University Students Earn Honors, Perfect Attendance

academic honorsThe list is out! One hundred fifty-five names appear on the list hanging in the Globe University-Eau Claire campus commons showing students that have achieved Honors, Highest Honors, and Perfect Attendance.

Students can bask in the warm feeling that comes from the personal satisfaction of a job well done! Their names appear on a board that is posted in the student commons each quarter. This list represents students from all of our academic and career focused programs of Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Health Care Management, Information Technology, Massage Therapy, Medical Assisting, Paralegal, and Veterinary Technology.    
academic honors
The bar is set high to achieve these honors.  Students must earn between a 3.55 and 3.99 grade point average to be considered an Honor Student. Students that get straight A’s or achieve a 4.0 grade point average are awarded Highest Honors. Students have an opportunity each quarter to achieve this standing.

Perfect Attendance is not easily achieved! Students must be present 100 percent of the time at all classes, including the online classes available to the students. Even missing a minute of residential classes can be enough to disqualify a student from this prestigious award.  Online classes measure perfect attendance by timely responses to discussion board posts. Globe University holds these high standards to prepare students for holding high standards for their future employers.

academic honorsWhile success is its own reward, perfect attendance has it’s benefits. Globe University offers a 20 percent discount on books the following quarter for perfect attendance. Perfect attendance is no easy task, as many students are taking near full time credits.  Also, the average age of students attending Globe University is higher than a traditional college, which means many of these students have busy lives that include juggling responsibilities of jobs and family while attending classes.  

Laura Weisenbeck Dragseth, student services and academic coordinator for the campus, states, “As a career college we would like the students to take as many credits as they can so they can graduate quickly and get a job. Every quarter when I run the report it shows our students are working hard toward their career goals.”
Well done, students! Congratulations on your achievement! You can enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of a job well done.