2014: A Look Back at the Past Year at Globe University-Eau Claire

Taylor Tuinstra, veterinary technology student, listens to the cow’s stomach to help confirm that the cow has a displaced abomasum.

So much has happened at the Globe University-Eau Claire campus in the past year!

Below, we’ve compiled so some of the amazing stories, pictures and videos from our campus in 2014.

Applied Learning

Providing students with hands-on, real world training that gives them a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Globe University is known for applied learning. It is what we do.

Each of our programs embraces applied learning and offers students the opportunity to utilize their skills and training both inside and outside the classroom.

Here are a couple of applied learning stories that highlight this innovative form of learning:

Rubber Boots Required: Vet Tech Students Head to the Farm

Challenge Accepted: Students Apply Their Skills to Help Save Lives



Staff members work with the kids to plant flowers behind the Boys and Girls Club.

Community Service

Giving back to Eau Claire and the surrounding communities.

As a member of the community, it is important to give back.

Here at Globe, we donated hundreds of hours to our community partners, as well as participated in numerous fundraisers, donation drives and other volunteer endeavors.

This is how some of our students and staff gave back over the past year:

2014 Day of Caring: Globe University Volunteers for the United Way

Finding Time to Give Back: Globe University Volunteers at Boys and Girls Club

Accounting Students Volunteer Their Expertise to Habitat for Humanity





Let’s celebrate the hard work of our students!

By far one of the most exciting events each quarter is graduation. As an instructor, graduation is a great opportunity for me to share in student success.

This is how one graduating class celebrated its successes:

From Student to Graduate: Globe University-Eau Claire Celebrates 28 Milestones

And how did our students make it from orientation to graduation? Through hard work and good study habits. Check out these tips from our students on how to be successful:

5 Tips for Success in the Classroom and Making the Grade



Job Placement

Students turn their education into a career.

Staff from All Lab Tests Fast along with members from the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce at their grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. (Photo Courtesy of Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce)

When it comes to job placement and career opportunities for our students, Globe University-Eau Claire is leading the way. As a campus over the past year (those graduating from July of 2013 to June 2014), 72 percent of students found employment in their field of study. This is a tremendous accomplishment and we are proud to share in the successes of our graduates.

One particular story that comes to mind in 2014 was that of Dawn Barylski, medical assistant graduate. Dawn went from a student in the program to helping launch a new business here in Eau Claire. I had the pleasure of having Dawn as a student and seeing her transition into the medical field. I am proud of all Dawn accomplished and the hard work she put forth, both in the classroom and during her externship.  Here is her story:

New Business, New Career, New Opportunities – Globe University Graduate Gets in on the Ground Floor

Criminal justice graduates also found new and exciting careers in the areas of law enforcement, security and probation and parole. This is how Christina leveraged her education and experience into her dream job as a probation and parole Agent:

Graduate Spotlight: Criminal Justice Grad Is Now a Probation and Parole Agent

Why Globe University?

When deciding on where to go for your education there are many factors to consider. Over the past year we have offered our students the opportunity to advance their education and earn the degree that will help them in their future careers. Here are some inspirational words of advice from students in 2014 about why they chose to earn their degree here at Globe University-Eau Claire.

Andrew: Massage therapy

Samantha: Veterinary technology