3 Examples of Christmastime Caring

Holiday givingIf you really want me to know you care, show me! Often our actions speak louder than our words.

The faculty, staff and students at Globe University- Eau Claire put their care for others into action. The campus had three opportunities to become involved in caring for the community this Holiday season.

Bee Vue and Kerri Nowicki from The Eau Claire Area School District contacted Globe University to see if they would collect winter outerwear for the Head Start and 4K Program.  A large tree was set up in the commons at the Eau Claire campus, along with a large box to accommodate the boots and coats that were sure to arrive from this caring group. 

Donations came in and found their way to the tree. One morning, the commons was overflowing in an abundance of “almost new”coats of every size for children, men, and women! Kerri and Bee were called to make an emergency pick-up of items before the designated deadline. 

Globe UniversityKerri and Bee were happy to receive the items. Kerri stated: “These wonderful winter items are going out to our families in Head Start and the 4 K Early Learning Programs.  We have many families that are struggling to provide basic needs for their children, as well as themselves.  We are excited to receive these donations, as well as seeing so many winter coats for men.  Many times men are forgotten and there are so many men who are in need.”

On January 12, families will come in and choose winter clothing for free at the Eau Claire Area School District Administration building. Kerri continued, “Thank you so much to the staff and students for donating to our families in need! We hope that this will be an annual event to help our families.”

The Globe University faculty and staff  had some Christmas giving fun of their own. A “Giving Tree” was set up in the faculty lounge to provide gifts to a family in need identified through Families Find Hope.  Staff had an opportunity to supply gifts requested by the family. Elisa Steinmetz, co-founder of Families Find Hope, was “very grateful” for the wonderful items that had been collected for the family. Elisa commented that the the family is “very deserving with great kids.”

Globe UniversityThe University joined paws to become a “Shelter Santa” for the Eau Claire County Humane Association. A tree has been displayed at the front desk to supply items needed by the shelter. Nothing says “We Care” more than the giving and sharing that has been exhibited this Christmas season at Globe University.