3 Tips to ‘Check Out’ from our Campus Librarian



Maggie James, Librarian

Check out the information Maggie James, our Globe University-Eau Claire campus librarian, has put together for library users.

Our library may be small but it contains a wealth of information waiting for you to discover on your educational path to your career.  Maggie is very knowledgeable about resources to help you in writing papers. She can help you find information for a research paper as well as provide information on how to site and add footnotes to your research to avoid plagiarism. 

Our library books are recommended by program chairs

  • Every year, our program chairs recommend new books for the library collection, so many of the books on our shelves have been specially selected! 
  • To check out a book or magazine, just bring your student ID (that’s your library card).
  • To see which books and magazines our library owns, check out the library catalog: http://www.globeeducationnetwork.com/library/ 
We have newspapers in the library
  • Did you know that the library subscribes to three daily newspapers?  We subscribe to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, the Wisconsin State Journal, and the Wall Street Journal. 
  • You can stop in the library anytime during library hours to read one of these newspapers! 
  • The library also subscribes to the weekly Military Times newspaper, which has sections for the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. 

The library offers two free Book Swap opportunities 

  • The library has a cart called the “Book Swap” – this cart is filled with novels and other books that you can read for fun!
  • The Book Swap cart has the “take a book, leave a book” policy – to check out a book from the cart, just bring a book that you no longer want and leave it on the cart, then take a book that you want to read.
  • We also have a free Children’s Book Exchange located in the Commons.
  • The books located in the Children’s Book Exchange range from birth to teen interests.