4 Reasons for Pursuing Higher Education

Students have a variety of reasons to pursue higher education degrees at Globe University-Eau Claire. They are as many and varied as the students themselves.

I sit close to the admissions office. I have the pleasure of hearing interviews with prospective students as they explore the options open to them. It’s exciting to hear the hopes and dreams that a career college can provide.

Why higher education is important

Admissions representatives Brandon Baker and Susie Draeger

Our team of admissions representatives does a great job of guiding students through the steps of  college admission. One of our admissions representatives, Susie Draeger, often reminds students: “Your education is one thing no one can ever take away. In these days of a very competitive job market, education plays a very important role.”

According to admissions representative Brandon Baker, “The hardest part about school is getting started. Why wait? Get started on your career sooner rather than later.”

Several students currently enrolled at Globe University-Eau Claire shared their reasons, hopes and dreams for attending Globe University:

4 Reasons pursuing higher education is important

Bailey Matthews

  • Bailey Matthews is a student in the paralegalprogram. She says, “I’m here to get better computer skills and people skills to later become a paralegal. My dream is to become a paralegal at a law firm; hopefully a law firm that works with family law.”
  • Jamie Edington, enrolled in the massage therapy program, is enthusiastic about her career choice. “The ability to give relief and a better quality of life through touch is the future,” she says. “Baby boomers are wanting pain relief without medicine. Massage is the future—my future!”
  • Sara Peterson is a business management program student. Sara says, “I am looking forward to opening new doors and a new chapter in life with Globe. In finishing my business management degree, not only will I be able to improve my life and my future, but also my children’s lives.”

    Accounting program - why higher education is important

    Sharri Olsen

  • Sharri Olsen, studying in the accounting program, likes the online option that is available to her. “I am attending Globe University because I can do all of my coursework online,” she says. “I can complete my course work around my work schedules.”

Though vastly different in their reasons to pursue higher education, these students are here to step up to the doorway of a new career that education at a career college, like Globe University, can provide.