4 Tips: Preparing to Be the Employee Employers Seek

Are you hoping to snap up that great career you are pursuing?  Then you need to become the perfect candidate that your future employer is searching for. If you are enrolled in a career college like Globe University-Eau Claire, you are on the right path to finding that great job.

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Meredith Wolf of Express Employment Professionals

It has been said that the best way to prepare for a career is to focus on career-related majors. Employers have many expectations for their employees and are searching for that perfect candidate. Here are some tips from our Globe University Career Services team and Express Employment Professionals to assist you in your attempt to be found by an employer!  Whether you are pursuing a career opportunity in Business and Accounting, Health Sciences, Legal Sciences or Technology, these four tips apply to you.

1. Attitude, Attitude, Attitude! Meredith Wolf of Express Employment Professionals follows national trends and speaks frequently with employers about the skills they look for in employees. Wolf has found that employers are looking for  “The Golden Rules” of life. These include a positive attitude, being helpful, and honesty.  Additionally, employers look for those who are motivated, are willing to learn, and show professionalism.

2. Business Professionalism.  Sam Fisher of the Globe University-Eau Claire career services department works with students and graduates to prepare for those great positions by displaying professional behavior. Fisher suggests professional dress. Your appearance reflects the business you represent. Professionalism is also reflected in emails you send. Fisher recommends that you save text type messages for cellphone use and use professional language and formal letter-writing style when sending emails. It is essential to be aware of presenting yourself professionally on social media such as Facebook, as an increasing number of employers are searching information about future employees on the internet.

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Heather Rothbauer-Wanish of Feather Communications

3. Connections. Networking to build connections with others in the community is essential to being “snapped up” by your employer. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish of Feather Communications highly recommends a professional presence on LinkedIn. She promotes the need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100 percent complete to ensure your information is available for others to view. It is also important to request recommendations on LinkedIn just as you would request recommendations on a resume. Job shadowing, volunteering, attending networking events and seminars, even subscribing to periodicals to familiarize yourself with concepts and jargon of the industry will build your opportunities to make meaningful connections.

4. Demonstrate Practical Experience.  Do not undervalue the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic! No one appreciates these general education basics more than your employer.  A survey by the American Colleges and Universities states that, “Business executives care more about their new hires’ thinking, communication and problem solving skills than they do about their undergraduate majors.” Developing your listening, organizational and critical thinking skills will go a long way in preparing to become the employee your future employer seeks.