7 Tips for Tracking Your Job Search

job searchCareer Services at Globe University-Eau Claire makes it their business to help you prepare and find that career you have been preparing for! The Career Services team invites you to track your progress in the job application and interview process.

Kelsie Beckfield, director of career services, gives the following advice if you have recently been applying to multiple jobs. Beckfield states that tracking and recording your process is the only way to find out where you are falling short in the interview process.  Every time that you apply for a job you should record the job title, company name, location that you found the posting, and application date in an excel spreadsheet. 

This is important for two reasons.  First, you can keep track of the positions that you applied for, and if you receive a phone call for an interview, you can quickly recall the job title and search for the job description again if necessary.  Second, this data will allow you to track if there are certain job titles or companies for which you consistently get interviews or rejection letters.

It is also important to track the following information and responses to your job applications.

  •  You should record when you receive the call for an interview
  •  You should record the date of the interview
  •  You should record the date of follow up, and
  •  You should record the date of job acceptance or rejection.

Over time this will help you understand the length of the hiring process for each company and where in the hiring process you are falling short. Some potential short falls may occur in the initial stages of the process of how your resume represents you. It may be that you need to learn how to prepare for the phone or face-to-face interview. You should track on your excel spreadsheet how far you get in the interview process with each application.   

  •   Are you not getting the initial phone interview? 
  •   Do you get the phone interview but never the in-person meeting? 
  •   Do you make it through the whole interview process but are not selected?

 Knowing where you are faltering in the process will help the Career Services staff coach you to success in your search.