7 Tips to Make Your Resume Pop!

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A ribbon cutting ceremony marks the official opening of the new career services office on campus.

Lifelong and free career services are unusual unless you are a student at Globe University, where those services come with the territory.  Now the territory has become more accessible to students. Career services has moved to a new location on campus to make it easier for students to “pop” in for frequent visits with the career services staff.

The career services team at Globe University-Eau Claire held an open house on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013, inviting students to pop into the new office area.  Students were welcomed with the luring aroma and sound of corn popping. The ribbon cutting  begins an new era of an open door policy where students can enter the office, have a casual conversation with Kelsie, Lauren, and Sam, and pick up a bit of popcorn and some really helpful pointers from these highly skilled career specialists!

At my recent visit to the office, Lauren and Sam shared these helpful tips about creating a resume that pops and will lead you into that career you desire: 

  1. career servicesGet a position related to your field now, while you are still in college.
  2. Update your resume for every position to which you apply.
  3. Utilize job posting information. All job ads have critical information in them that is under-utilized. If a company is looking for someone proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite, experience working in a team, the ability to lift 50 pounds, etc.,be sure to include those components in your resume and cover letter to reflect those technical or transferable skills.
  4. Check out the Job Board in the commons on campus for regular job updates and postings. 
  5. Gear your cover letter to reflect values and needs of the company where you are applying.
  6. Make it clear to the employer how you would be a benefit to the company or organization that is hiring you.
  7. Stay positive! Finding employment can be a challenging process, so don’t give up!  

 Lauren Sullivan explains the new look to their career services office. “The kernels on our window represent our current graduates who are working in their chosen career field.  In March, we will be adding new graduates who found employment in their career field,” she says.

Sam Fisher of career services adds, “I am excited be located in an area where we are easily accessible to the students.  I encourage any student looking for help with anything career and externship related to please stop in. Even if their assigned career services representative is not in, any one of else would be happy to help!”  career services

Why not “pop” in today?