Community Service: It’s What We do!

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito. -African Proverb

Community Service Day

Erik Kiesler of Beaver Creek Reserve gives a lesson in tree limbing to Globe University “lumberjacks.”

That’s how I felt as I headed into the vast woods of Beaver Creek Reserve on Friday, May 17, with a small band of Lumberjack wannabes—also known as administration and faculty members from Globe University-Eau Claire.  Each year in May Globe University closes its doors for an annual day of service in the community.  This year faculty and staff headed to Beaver Creek Reserve to “limb” trees.

Erik Kiesler from the reserve led us four miles into the woods, gave us a Limbing 101 lesson, and set us free to trim the lower limbs of pine trees. Hours and sore muscles later we emerged from the woods, sweating, thirsty, rain soaked, and tick covered with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Keisler was pleased with the amount of work accomplished. He explained that the trees benefit from the pruning we did; the undergrowth is given a chance to grow and the trees themselves will be healthier and provide better timber at harvest.  Our service also provided funding for the Reserve. The owner of the acreage, Bill Henke, donates money to Beaver Creek for the work done.  He also provides the land for a variety of activities for the Reserve.

Community Service Day

Globe University staff and faculty members sort donations at Feed My People food bank.

Across town, another group of faculty and staff headed to the vast food storage facility, Feed My People Food Bank to sort food donations. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed with the job of processing all of the donations that come through this massive warehouse and distribution center.  That’s where a few helping hands can make a big difference. Hours and huge bins later, participants emerged from the facility laughing and joking  after enjoying camaraderie and accomplishment. Those who receive food from Feed My People were thankful for our efforts and service.

Community Service & Service Learning

Another day, another week, quarter after quarter, students head into a variety of facilities around town performing service-learning projects. Businesses and nonprofits which may feel overwhelmed with the enormity of their work benefit from just a few hours of service.  These projects, based on course objectives combined with hands-on learning experiences, translate into hours of learning, experiences, and a feeling of accomplishment for students.

service learning

Medical assisting students have fun practicing skills that will be used in the community.

Globe University helps Feed My People Food Bank sort food donations.Globe University is a service-learning school. It provides service-learning opportunities to benefit our communities and community partners. Hours of service translate into saving an abundance of dollars for nonprofit organizations. Service-learning introduces students to opportunities that help them become invested and passionate about issues and needs in the community.They take ownership in making the community a better place to live.

Globe University is committed to Community Service Day and to service-learning. It only takes a small mosquito to make a difference in a closed room. Even small service opportunities make a big difference to communities. It’s what we do!