Globe University-Eau Claire: Personal Approach to the Student Experience

Meagan Johnson, administrative assistant at Globe University-Eau Claire

When you walk through the doors at Globe University-Eau Claire, you can instantly feel a connection to the campus. I feel it every day when I arrive at work. A warm greeting from Meagan Johnson at the front desk, the open office doors of helpful staff, and the student commons filled with ambitious veterinary technology students just coming off their early morning animal care duty.

Investing in the success of the students at Globe University is the number one priority of everyone on campus. Period. Those who attend school here can expect a personal connection to their instructors, faculty and fellow students. Everyone knows everyone here on campus.

Veterinary technology student Samantha Peterson has the benefit of seeing both sides, as a student and front desk worker. Samantha is often at the front desk in the evening, greeting students and visitors to the campus. She says, “Every instructor and staff member is easy to approach about anything, and everyone will go above and beyond to help you with anything you need. Coming from a large university, now attending such a friendly and helpful school is amazing. I always feel at home on this campus.”

In the classroom the one-on-one attention continues. With a small ratio of students to instructors, the focus is on individual learning styles. A wide variety of media is used to help each and every student stay engaged in the classroom.  Mobile technology, videos, guest speakers, group activities and hands-on applications of skills make up this diversified learning experience. Real-life training? You bet. Bridging the gap between education and employment? It’s happening here every day. A personalized educational experience? Absolutely, and we would not have it any other way.

Interested in experiencing this first hand? We always welcome visitors to our campus with a smile, and we are excited to meet you.