Globe University-Eau Claire Welcomes New Director

Welcome to Fall Quarter 2012!  Today marks the first day of Fall Quarter at Globe University-Eau Claire.  We welcome our new and returning students to campus today!  We also welcome a new Campus Director to our campus.

From Chicago,and a Bears fan, Wes Escondo joins us as a “teammate” and  as a new Wisconsin enthusiast.  Wes stated that he “called everyone (he knows) in Chicago” to tell them about his new home area. He told them he’s “never seen anything so beautiful!” He quickly noted that was with the exception of his wife, Jessica, and his nine year old daughter!

We are pleased to have Wes not only join our Globe team but LEAD our students and team to success. Wes brings a wealth of experience, ideas, and enthusiasm to an already outstanding group of faculty and staff. Wes brings skills in strategic communication, leadership, organization, and development. Wes was drawn to Globe University by the “we care” mission statement of the Globe Education Network  and leadership.  He is willing to give 100% to get 100% through respect, shared goals, and responsibility.

Wes inspired the new students and faculty at the New Student Oriention with his words of encouragement to excellence. Wes has two peices of advice for success: “Be relentless”. and “Be curious”.  Wes asked the students to be “relentless” in their work toward their studies and the pursuit of their career. He asked them to be “curious” enough to ask what it would take to succeed, to earn an “A” on that project or test, and to succeed.

Wes sees himself as “simply a teammate”.  Welcome to the team!