Globe University-EC New Orientation Format Eases Concerns, Assures Success For 70 New Students

A new quarter begins on Monday, April 2 for Globe University in Eau Claire.  This quarter we will be welcoming 70 new students to our campus.  These students are coming to class more confident and more fully prepared thanks to a new student orientation format that was used to welcome the students this quarter.

The faculty staff and staff worked hard to prepare the incoming students with an outstanding and very complete orientation to answer any questions they had and to prepare them for their first nerve-wracking day on campus.

The students were given an opportunity to meet one-to-one with their Program Chair right after taking their Accuplacer to answer any questions the student had regarding his/her program.  This confidence building  meeting was just the first step in getting the students moving toward success on campus.

On the day of orientation, the new students gathered for a group welcome.  Each student was given an agenda. They were scheduled to attend three “Break Out” Sessions. At one session students met with the Education Department to talk about all the help available to them through tutoring and the “Big Help”.

The students also met with Career Services to find out how they can take advantage of the jobs available to them now and how Career Services can be useful to them throughout their career on campus and in the future. The Global Citizenship/Service-Learning Coordinator talked about Service-Learning.  The students participated by reading letters from past Global Citizenship students encouraging them about the value of the course.

The students were also given an opportunity to go to the computer lab for a crash course in campus technology. The students practiced logging in, shown how to order books on-line, and the students took a “tour” of CampusConnect.

The orientation ended with an “Eat and Meet” where they had a chance to have lunch  or supper with their Program Chair and classmates. Each student met with his/her Admissions Rep before they left to answer any final questions before leaving campus. The orientation left students and staff with a feeling of success!