Globe University Helps Job Seekers with Chippewa Valley Extreme Career Makeover

It seems that lately everything is being made over. Turn on the television and you will see makeovers on everything from houses to cars, clothes to hairstyles; the popularity of makeover reality television appears to be at its peak.

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Chippewa Valley Extreme Career Makeover – created by Renee Melton

When it comes to implementing change, however, there can be obstacles that get in the way. One event in the Chippewa Valley set out to remove some of those barriers for those looking to make a career change. Appropriately named, this event was coined The Chippewa Valley Extreme Career Makeover, which marked the culmination of community-wide collaboration to help improve the lives of job seekers in the area. Renee Melton, client service manager with Adecco for eBay Enterprise, came up with the idea for the event.

In a recent appearance on WEAU TV, Renee shared her source of inspiration.

“We had a round table [discussion] at Globe University with a number of businesses, and this kept coming up as one of the reasons that businesses are struggling to hire the workforce they need, as people were just not interview-ready,” she said. “We decided to put together an event that helps take care of that problem.”

The event, held at Globe University-Eau Claire on August 28, addressed these needs through a variety of resources including a community closet, skills workshops and employment opportunities – all in a convenient and fun way.

Here’s how it happened:

 Donations and the Community Closet

Through the power of business collaboration, volunteers, and the local media, the word spread. In order to be able to provide complimentary professional outfits to participants, the event needed donations – and donations they received. Hundreds of interview-appropriate clothing, accessories and hygiene products poured in to local donation sites across the area, including at Globe University-Eau Claire. On the morning of the event, the clothing and accessories filled an entire classroom at the campus – which now serves as a temporary community closet.

 Skills Workshops and Job Fair

Job seekers at the event not only had access to an interview outfit at no cost to them, but also employment opportunities and skills workshops centered around one thing – getting hired. Employers hosted booths at the job fair and provided information on topics such as interview readiness, background check preparedness and enhancing your social media brand.

 Beyond the Outfit and Fashion Show

Once the interview outfits and job opportunities were locked down, it was time to relax. There are times when finding a job can be stressful, and it is important that job seekers take the time to take care of themselves. Globe University graduates, now licensed massage therapists, offered complimentary chair massages. Hair, makeup and other services were provided by a local salon. Local businesses also donated personal hygiene products to help job seekers make the finishing touches on their new looks. Models even showed off their interview-appropriate attire in an evening-ending fashion show – a great way to inspire those making their way to the closet. Career makeovers where also raffled off prior to the event, allowing a few lucky winners the chance to reinvent their professional selves.

Fashion show models pose for a quick group photo following their walk down the runway

The goodwill and new opportunities provided by the makeover event defined its success.

“People really came out of the woodwork to help support this event, and it proves just how amazing the Chippewa Valley is,” Renee said.

Globe University was proud to be a sponsor and provide our facility, staff and connections to help bring employment opportunities not only to students and graduates, but anyone in the community in need.

Visit the Globe University career services page to learn more.