Globe University Takes the Plunge for Special Olympics

Globe University-Eau Claire, Polar PlungePositive engagement with the community is a high priority for every Globe University campus, and the faculty, staff and students of the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, campus strive to make a real splash in their home community.

A recent electronic newsletter from the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce illustrates that point quite literally, as it featured a photograph of Globe University-Eau Claire’s brave team of participants splashing through icy waters during a Polar Plunge held last winter to benefit Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Academic Coordinator Laura Weisenbeck-Dragseth was eager to join the Polar Plunge team and is looking forward to the 2013 Polar Plunge, which will be held in several Wisconsin communities.

“Our campus likes to be involved in the community and to support worthy causes, and we are especially proud to support Special Olympics,” Laura said.  “Plus, our campus has a fun atmosphere, and we like to carry that to the community. The Polar Plunge is a fun event, even if it is a little crazy.”

She also noted an added benefit of Eau Claire’s version of this fundraising event. “It’s called ‘Toss Your Boss,’ and employees can buy the opportunity to push their bosses into the water.  It was really kind of fun pushing Eric,” she smiled, speaking of Globe-Eau Claire’s good-natured Dean of Students, Eric Konsela.  When reminded of last year’s event, Konsela shivered and said, “That water was very cold!”  

The Eau Claire campus is currently recruiting for this year’s team and beginning its fundraising efforts for the 2013 event, which will be held at Eau Claire’s Half Moon Lake on Feb. 24, 2013.  “I would be happy to do it again,” Laura stated. There has been no word yet as to whether the Dean of Students would be the same!

Anyone ready to take the plunge for Special Olympics? Globe University-Eau Claire is currently raising funds for the Polar Plunge 2013. We are looking for students to represent Globe University!  Visit our Facebook page for more information and to register a team:

We will also plan to “Toss a Boss” from Globe University! We have been challenged to raise $500 to toss someone from our leadership team! Look for donation jars at the front desk. Pitch your pennies (actually accepting dollar bills and any donation) for your leader of choice. However, quarters in the jar will count as a negative against donations in the jar. The leader with the most donations will get tossed!  Sign up your team and /or support Toss your Boss!

Jeffrey A. Ahonen, Executive Program Chair-Paralegal, Globe University-Eau Claire