Going to “Jail” for a Good Cause; GUEC hosts a March of Dimes Fundraiser

On Tuesday October 25th from 9am-3pm, Globe University-Eau Claire will open its campus commons to a “Jail and Bail” event for the organization, March of Dimes.  The Jail and Bail is a fun event in which “jail birds” from the community come to “jail” (a mock prison set up in the commons area) and are “sentenced” by a judge, which will most likely be local Eau Claire news representative, Sarah Stokes.

The event is a huge fundraiser for MOD and last year, over $22,000 was raised! GUEC is proud to be a host for the second consecutive year. Students and Staff will be volunteering at the event.  If you are interested in helping please contact Laura at: ldragseth@globeuniversity.edu or sign up at the front desk.