“Golden” Globe Award Winners!

Though you may not recognize these faculty members from film or television, they certainly shine as “stars” at the Globe University-Eau Claire campus!

Our campus is proud to bring four outstanding performers to the Globe University stage. Jeff Ahonen, paralegal program chair; Gretchen Johnson, medical assistant program chair; Patti Salimes, criminal justice program chair; and Dan Shuda, accounting program chair have all been named as “executive program chairs” for Globe University.  Their new responsibilities will be to provide support to other program chairs in the region by implementing a variety of training opportunities.

Gretchen JohnsonDr. Omar Parks had the pleasure of awarding Gretchen Johnson the Staff Person of the Year Award. Gretchen received the award for her outstanding customer service to students, staff and the community. Gretchen is appreciated by the students she interacts with each quarter. Gretchen takes time to talk with students and meets with them individually each quarter to find out how they are doing, and where they may need support in their education and career goals. Gretchen feels that this approach  helps with student retention and that the individual mentoring develops students’ confidence and competence.

Gretchen also has a great relationship with her staff. Gretchen takes time to get to know the strengths, skills and passions of her staff.  Her goal is to match them to courses that allow them to share their skills and passion with students.

Pat Cartmill, one of Gretchen’s staff associates, states, “One thing I really appreciate about Gretchen is that she keeps things organized and is there for staff.”

Gretchen is also committed to supporting the community and students by involving them in meaningful ways to learn and serve in the community. Gretchen herself is involved in the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic and frequently sets up Blood Drives with the American Red Cross on campus.

Carlos Garcia Applause and accolades also go out to Carlos Garcia! Dr. Parks recognized Carlos Garcia with the  Faculty of the Year Award for his outstanding performance.  Carlos brings much humor and enthusiasm to campus through his interaction with students and staff. Carlos does an outstanding job as an instructor, teaching information technology and general education courses at Globe University. Students and faculty alike are riveted by his humor, wit and insightful comments and contributions. Carlos is known around campus and beyond for being great at engaging the students in creative, hands-on, innovative techniques.  He is admired for his leadership at faculty presentations. Carlos can be counted on to be the first to explore and share his enthusiasm for innovative technology!

Congratulations to all of these “stars” for their leading and supporting roles on campus!