“I Chose Globe Because…”

IT student, Justin Faldet, has lots of reasons to be happy with his choice of University experiences.  Justin was recently awarded a large scholarship to assist him with his education at Globe University.

Justin has been a student at Globe University-Eau Claire on-line and on Campus for the past 18 months.  He is excited about his program and the experience he is getting on campus.  Justin states, “The program is great.  When I first started to go to school at Eau Claire, they gave me a great orientation and the lay out of the program was well thought out. My first two quarters I started with exceptional introduction courses like Operating Systems and Computer Fundamentals.  Those two classes paved the way to a great experience for me.”

Justin continues with enthusiasm for Globe University.  Justin says, “I chose Globe because of the flexibility and how comfortable I felt in the campus when I had a walk through.  The layout of the classes was very nice and the classes that they had me in worked  well with what I wanted to do with my career. The number one thing though was the flexibility. I am able to balance (my) work schedule with my school schedule all the while being able to raise my son.”

Congratulations to Justin on his recent Scholarship award. Congratulations to Justin for finding a successful path to his career at Globe University-Eau Claire!