In High School? Here’s One Way to Discover Your Career Opportunities

Veterinary Technology degreeGlobe University-Eau Claire hosted a Career Exploration Event for high school students on Friday, Dec. 7. This event gave teens the opportunity to participate in multiple interactive and hands-on labs while learning about Globe University’s career-focused college degree programs and the career options for students who earn degrees in a specific field.

Students explored careers in veterinary technology, business, criminal justice, massage therapy, accounting, paralegal and medical assisting.

Veterinary Technology

In the veterinary technology discussion, students viewed a live dental procedure performed on a cat as a service to the Chippewa County Humane Society.  Globe University’s resident veterinarian, Olivia Johnson, answered students’ questions and explained the equipment in use and the step-by-step surgical process.

Massage therapy programFor the business path, students participated in a fun “You’re the Boss” activity during which they tried out their entrepreneurship skills. Students formed small groups and made decisions about a product or service they wanted to offer, who their target market was and the steps involved in building their business.  There were several strong, marketable ideas that these high schoolers created.

In criminal justice, students were introduced to the variety of career fields in which a criminal justice program graduate could potentially work.  They also watched a short training video and learned about tactics and equipment used by police officers.

Students participated in hands-on activities in massage therapy where they used specially designed palpation bags to learn how to detect abnormalities in muscle tissue. Students studied muscle groups and used clay on skeletons to learn where various muscles groups are in the body.

Medical assistant degreeIn accounting, students played an interactive game to learn the history of accounting all the way back to the abacus. They learned the extensive career opportunities available to accountants and watched an SNL skit proving that accountants too have a great sense of humor!

In this path, students also learned about the different facets of being a paralegal: client interviews, case investigation, legal research, legal writing, and courtroom assistance. They also learned what qualities are required to be a good paralegal: good time management, detail oriented, exceptional oral and written communication skills, and excellent researchers.

Medical assisting was an exciting hands-on experience for students interested in the medical field. Students did blood draws and learned to administer injections. They experienced firsthand what it is like for a patient who has glaucoma or is nearsighted or farsighted. The students were enthusiastic participants in the wide range of tests and tasks that a medical assistant performs.

Students departed with a better understanding of themselves and the potential their futures hold. Globe University plans to offer a similar event in the spring.