Superheroes of Education Open Doors: Will You Walk Through?

Globe University, teacher appreciation week

Teachers open doors for education and careers at Globe University

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. You’ve heard it before: “If you can read this, thank a teacher.”  It is true that your ability to read and learn has opened doors of opportunity for you. It is also true that the faculty and staff at Globe University-Eau Claire have the power to open doors for you with their super powers of preparing you for your dream career.

Whether you are preparing for a career in Business & Accounting, Legal Sciences, Health Sciences or Technology, we have instructors to open the door to help you uncover and develop your super powers!

All of the instructors at Globe University have real-life skills and experience that they bring to the classroom.  Here are some of the superheroes on staff ready to come to your aid along with some of the super powers they bring to the classroom:


Globe University, teacher appreciation week

Superhero Dan Shuda, accounting chair, as Spiderman

Accounting: Dan Shuda is a certified public accountant who has done continuing education work in fraud detection and internal controls processes. He has a Spiderman-like tenacity for his favorite accounting topics including nonprofit accounting, cost accounting, systems review and fraud examination. He considers education to be of the utmost importance to help yourself, your family and your community.

Information Technology: Carlos Garcia is a mighty powerhouse of technology and engaging personal skills. Carlos lights up the classroom with his big personality and engages students in ways that enlighten them on their path to career opportunities in the technology field. Carlos loves everything about teaching. Give him a crowd and his real superpowers come to life!

Massage Therapy: Joan Hamilton has more than 14 years of experience in massage plus a medical background in X-ray.  Her “X-ray vision” helps her see that education changes the way you look at life.  Joan thrives on teaching.  She teaches because she loves to help people obtain their dreams. “What greater gift can you give someone than a way to support themselves in a profession they love?” she asks.

Globe University, teacher appreciation week

Medical Assisting: Gretchen Johnson is this month’s Golden Globe Award winner. Gretchen won this prestigious campus award for her innovative superhero power techniques in working with students.  She understands that you can  learn skills and get an education anywhere.  Her superhero power includes helping students open doors to careers by helping them believe in themselves, apply knowledge, and develop the critical thinking skills and professionalism employers are looking for in job candidates.

Paralegal: Jeff Ahonen opens doors for students in the fight for justice. Jeff brings 20 years of professional experience to the classroom. He opens doors for students by providing an opportunity to help each of them achieve professional and personal success in his/her future. Teaching gives Jeff a way to pay back a profession that has provided well for him as he prepares well-equipped and career-minded paralegals and legal administrative assistants for the same field of service.

Globe University, teacher appreciation week

Dr. Olson and Laurie Mumm are two of the superheroes in the Vet Tech Department

 Veterinary Technology: Laurie Mumm has spent her entire life involved in education. Her favorite veterinary medicine topics include surgery, anesthesia, anatomy, physiology, and nursing care for emergency/critical care animal patients. Laurie is very passionate about education. This superhero teacher specializes in seeing students’ faces light up when they are successful and grasp a task at hand.