Teachers Go to School, Too!

faculty in-service

Faculty members meet for continuing education

What did your college instructor do during the past weekend?  If your teacher is a faculty member at Globe University’s campus in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the chances are good that he or she spent a part of the weekend in the classroom — as a student!

This past Saturday, the faculty gathered on campus for three hours of collaboration and continuing education, and even a little fun! There are a variety of reasons to have teaching faculty meet for on going education.

“We expect our instructors to be good teachers, and then to become better teachers, in order to best serve our students,” said Dr. Omar Parks, Globe University-Eau Claire’s dean of faculty.

Dr. Parks noted this is also a goal of Globe University’s accrediting body, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).  Any institution accredited by ACICS is required to create a faculty development plan for each instructor annually.  This plan includes in-service activities targeted at enhancing instructors’ teaching skills. faculty in-service

To assist the faculty in fulfilling their annual development plans, the Eau Claire campus hosts a Saturday morning in-service during each academic term.  Though it means giving up an entire weekend morning to attend, instructors find the time spent to be worthwhile.

Following the most recent in-service event, which focused on professionalism for teachers and classroom management techniques, Allison Campbell, program chair and instructor of the business program, stated, “The teacher in-service was beneficial because I was able to connect with fellow instructors, as well as develop new skills and techniques for bringing professionalism into the classroom.”

faculty in-service
According to Dr. Parks, the Eau Claire campus is in the process of adding additional in-service opportunities at alternative times, as well as making online learning opportunities available.  This will make it even more convenient for Globe-Eau Claire’s teachers to continue to go to school — and keep their weekends, too!

Jeffrey A. Ahonen

Executive Program Chair – Paralegal

Globe University, Eau Claire, Wisconsin