A New Look at Nutrition: List of Video Lectures for Personal Trainers

Are you interested in personal trainer education? If so, you probably know that knowledge of nutrition is going to have a considerable impact on your success and the success of your clients. If you are interested in learning about more than just carbs, fat and protein, you can tune in today at Learn Out Loud to gain free access to Yale University lectures on the biology, psychology and politics of food.

This resource provides access to 23 lectures covering a wide variety of topics in nutrition. In the coming weeks, I will watch and highlight important aspects of the video lectures listed below for those who don’t have the time to do so. (And I’ve always wanted to attend college courses at Yale!)

Although every one of the lectures appears interesting, the following list may be particularly valuable to individuals seeking ways to augment their personal trainer education:

Lecture 2: Food Then, Food Now: Modern Food Conditions and their Mismatch with Evolution
Lecture 5: Biology, Nutrition and Health III: The Psychology of Taste and Addiction
Lecture 12: Public Health vs. Medical Models of Nutrition Change: Saving Lives One or One Million at a Time
Lecture 13: Eating Disorders and Obesity
Lecture 14: Perspectives of the Food Industry
Lecture 15: Economics, Nutrition and Health: Subsidies, Food Deserts, and More
Lecture 16: Everyone but Me: The Pervasive Reach and Powerful Influence of Food Marketing on Food Choices
Lecture 20: Schools and Nutrition: Where Health and Politics Collide
Lecture 21: The Morphing of the Modern Diet
Lecture 22: Sustainability and Health Food Access
Lecture 23: Success Stories: Innovation and Change from the Grass Roots

If I’ve overlooked a topic that you think would be of value to personal trainer education, please let me know, as I’ll be happy to review it and discuss it on the Health Fitness Specialist blog!

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