Attention Personal Trainers!

If you are a personal trainer, it may be difficult to fathom the idea that exercise can actually do harm rather than good. Understandably, no personal trainer sets out to hurt their clients; in fact, many go through rigorous personal trainer certification preparation. Many want to learn more than just a certification can offer, and they go on to earn a health fitness degree.  Regardless of education level, it is of vital importance that those in the personal training industry keep current with the most recent scientific findings and data. Otherwise, they may unintentionally be contributing to poor health.

The following link will take you to a recent post from The Scientific American. The interesting article, by Katherine Harmon, discusses the possible cardiac dangers and changes that can occur with endurance and ultra-endurance events.  (This reminded me of a quote from Dr. John McDougall who said, “We all love to hear good news about our bad habits.”)  🙂

This link, however, is not an invitation to sit on the couch! Instead, the author reports on Dr. James O’Keefe’s findings regarding exercise; that while moderate exercise is good and necessary in preventing myriad diseases, too much exercise can actually cause heart damage.

Dr. James Lavalle recently spoke to personal trainers at Life Time Fitness about information he collected from blood tests and hormone profiles of endurance athletes. The data did not show the robust health that most of us would expect. His upcoming book, Your Blood Never Lies: How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life, is highly anticipated by both athletes and well-qualified trainers.

Everything in moderation, right? We all inherently know that too much of anything isn’t good for us. Stay in balance. Choose wisely.

Happy, healthy training!

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