Education + Certification = Success

In a recent blog post, I listed the top ten reasons to have a degree in health and fitness, exercise science, kinesiology, physical education. But a bachelor’s degree related to personal trainer education combined with an reputable certification will certainly put you ahead of the game.

At Globe University, we recognize that there are myriad certifications extant that enable individuals to pursue areas of interest and specialty. That being said, we’ve integrated several top-notch certifications into our bachelor’s degree in order to maximize the skill level of our graduates and increase their opportunities to be hired.

In our Principles of Child Fitness course, students have the opportunity to learn from one of the industry experts, Brian Grasso. Brian is the founder of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and a passionate promoter of both sport and activity for children. Once students complete the Principles in Child Fitness course, they are eligible to sit for the Level 1 IYCA certification. This is an invaluable certification if students ultimately want to work with children.

There are two elective courses in the health fitness specialist bachelor’s degree that offer personal trainer certification preparation. The first is the Muscle Activation TechniquesTM (MAT) – Jumpstart certification. This is one of the most highly-regarded certifications in the industry as well as one of the most difficult. In this course, students learn how to evaluate the body for biomechanical imbalances and determine if the body is prepared for exercise. This is a skill that no personal trainer should be without!  Not knowing if the muscular system is in communication with the central nervous system can be disastrous for your client and may lead to improper alignment, compensation, and even injury.

The second certification is Resistance Training SpecialistTM (RTS) 123. The content in this certification involves analyzing the physics of exercise. Students learn how to progress clients safely, calculate the amount of force placed upon joints, as well as how to properly set individuals up on exercise machines. Having the ability to graduate with both MAT-Jumpstart and RTS123 gives Globe University graduates a head start in the job search. Students routinely express their gratitude for having been exposed to this incredible material, as Globe University is the only school in the country allowed to offer these courses as part of the health fitness specialist curriculum.

At Globe, we also understand that there are other certifications available to students that will help to expand their horizons as well as their areas of expertise. That is why we offer the Professional Certification Scholarship to health fitness specialist students. The professional certification scholarship awards eligible students $300 toward a scholarship of their choice.

Health fitness students are not only given the opportunity to receive money toward a certification of their choice, but also afforded the opportunity to take a certification right on campus! On September 8 and 9, the Plymouth Campus will be hosting a National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) Personal Trainer Certification for interested students. The cost is$299 and students should email Carrie Rowell ( to register. The price jumps to $429 if you don’t pre-register with Carrie. Email her now if this interests you because spaces are limited.

A bachelor’s degree and a certification are a winning combination in the field of health and fitness. Globe University makes that possible through the curriculum and on-site at our residential campuses.

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