Exercise Science: New Name, Same Great Program

David Walker, exercise science program chair at Globe University-Madison West, recently sat down for an interview and shared some details about the recent name change that his program underwent.

What is Exercise Science?

Exercise science is the industry terminology for health fitness. Using industry terminology helps people understand that the program is scientifically based and encompasses more than one specialty.

Why did your program undergo a name change?

The health fitness specialist program included the same scientific structure and curriculum as the current program but the name did not emphasis the scientific basis of the curriculum. It is this scientific background that gives Globe University students the competitive edge once they are out in the field. We wanted the name of the program to reflect the education that the students are receiving.

The exercise science program encourages students to think critically and to really understand the materials they are studying. Students are able to evaluate exercises and exercise routines and see if they are appropriate for the individual that they are working with. It is important that exercise programs be tailored to each individual’s goals. If you look at the field today, and the availability of information online, you will find that without critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze a situation, the fitness professional is limited and not able to efficiently help people meet their goals. Globe University’s exercise science program provides the training needed for these skills.

What skills are needed for a student to be successful in the exercise science program?

  • A passion for helping people
  • Enjoying being fit and active
  • The ability to make health a priority for yourself and others
  • Good communication skills and the ability to build relationships
  • Excellent customer service skills