Fed Up With Lunch?

Sarah Wu didn’t start out wanting to be a blogger, but after being shocked by the lunches that were served in her public school cafeteria, it simply happened. She was troubled by what kids were eating, yet afraid to publicly castigate her employer for what she saw as irresponsible nutritional choices. She therefore decided to blog under the nom de plume, Mrs. Q.

Her blog site, www.fedupwithlunch.com became incredibly popular. She wound up writing a book (Fed Up with Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth about School Lunches – And How We Can Change Them!) and appeared on Good Morning America, thereby revealing her identity. Fortunately, her school district embraced her mission and they are now working together to find solutions.

If you have kids, are you concerned about food choices offered at school? What have you done about it to ensure that they are getting healthy, whole foods for lunch? Or, has anyone read Sarah Wu’s book?