Health Fitness Graduate: I’m Doing What I Love!

Health Fitness Specialist graduate Meghan Odom knows what it takes to succeed. At 24, she has opened her own fitness studio, Get In Shape For Women, and has set her sights on growing into the future. Below is an interview I recently conducted with Meghan.

Amy: What got you interested in fitness?

Meghan: I grew up in family that played sports and I have always loved to work out. Health and fitness is something that I’ve always been
interested in doing as my career.

Amy: Why did you choose Globe University for your educational goals? What was interesting to you about the Health Fitness Specialist program?

Meghan: I chose Globe University because I loved the way the program was set up.
I was looking for a program where I didn’t have to pick and choose classes to make up my degree. I also loved that Globe had small class sizes and hands-on coursework.  I learned from people with experience in the health and fitness world, so I got to learn “real world” skills in addition to learning from a text book.

Amy: That is a really good point. Many students are frustrated by only studying theory. Theory is good, but I think application of theories is even better. I also like the fact that you mention learning from people who were in the “real world!” We pride ourselves on that at Globe University. I know one of your instructors was not only in the PhD program at the University of Minnesota, but was also a golf coach for River Falls. Another instructor at your campus is a group exercise director for several clubs, one was a former NFL player and yet another is a personal trainer with his own human performance business. You are exactly right – these instructors put theory into practice and that is what they teach. Ok, back to the interview:  Can you tell me about your business?

Meghan: At Get in Shape for Women, a women’s fitness studio, our certified staff is here to help with the steps and support to make health and well-being work. A personal trainer helps to hold you accountable so you can reach your goals using these four basic components:

1. Weight training (strength training to develop muscle)
2. Cardio (aerobic training to burn fat and calories)
3. Nutrition (creating a customized meal plan that works for you
4. Accountability  (This is the most important! You need to be held accountable by someone other than yourself. Our personal fitness trainers schedule your workouts, call you if you don’t show up, and check your weight and body fat every two weeks.)

Amy: This sounds like a solid plan! What else makes Get In Shape For Women unique?

Meghan: Get In Shape For Women is affordable and appointment based, so you
get the attention you deserve from a personal trainer. Each session will consist of 30 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes of cardio, and nutrition coaching, for a complete balanced fitness program that produces amazing results!

Amy: Yes, I saw your website and the results are amazing! Are there any deals or specials that you can tell us about?

Meghan: Yes! We are having an open house on Saturday September 15th from 1-3pm where we will give tours of our studio, provide snacks and refreshments, and also offer $100 off for anyone who signs up that day or sets up a free session.

Amy: That is fantastic! What is your ultimate goal for your fitness business? Do you want to have multiple locations?

Meghan: Yes, we would love to have more locations in the future. Right now the most important thing is to make this location stable. My goal for this location is to have at least 100 clients by our one year mark in November. We are currently at about 77 clients!

Amy: Your numbers are coming along nicely – congratulations! I hope that someday you’ll have the need to take on externs from the Health Fitness Specialist program. I imagine there are many students who would want to work in this type of environment and learn all about it from one of their own.  Let me ask you, did the business courses in the Health Fitness Specialist degree assist you with starting your own business, or was this already part of your background?

Meghan: Yes, the business courses that I got from Globe University definitely
helped me to run this business. Especially the marketing, as I’m in charge of our advertising here.

Amy: That is great! Say, do you have any advice for others who want to get into this field?

Meghan: My advice would be to dream big and never sell yourself short. You
really never know what is possible and what you can do in this industry. Take it from me, I’m only 24 years old and have an amazing business that is successful. Most importantly, I am doing what I love!

Amy: Wonderful advice to all of us, Meghan. I’m listing your contact information below and I wish you continued success in changing lives!

Find out more information about the Health Fitness Specialist degrees at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business.

Find out more about Get In Shape For Women in Rosemount, MN by contacting:

Meghan Odom
AM Fitness, Inc

Get In Shape For Women
15094 Claret Ave
Rosemount, MN 55068