Health Fitness Holiday Challenge

Holiday Challenge!

Looking for a great way to get in or stay in shape over the holidays? Set a healthy fitness goal and challenge yourself.  One possible idea comes from Concept 2.

rowing machineConcept 2 is located in Vermont and they make the best rowing machines on the market. You may have seen these machines in your health club.  They are the machines that relatively few use.  Fortunately for you, there are videos on their website to help you learn how to row properly and you can have them all to yourself for the next month!

The Concept 2 Holiday Challenge starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs until December 24th. The goal is to row 100,000 meters during that time and stave off the weight gain that typically occurs during the holiday season. 100,000 meters in a month works out to be about 3125 meters a day which is less than 30 minutes daily for most people.

If you are already a rower, perhaps you want to go for the 200,000 meters holiday challenge. Regardless of which challenge you choose, you can go to the Concept 2 website and sign up for a free online log book. Here you can track your meters and stay on pace for the challenge.

If you aren’t a rower, you can use other equipment to ensure that you stay in shape. What about walking 100 miles between now and December 24th? That would be a little over three miles a day. Or you could work out on the elliptical for roughly five miles a day and complete 150 miles for your own version of the holiday challenge.exercise

Some of you may not have access to these kinds of machines. How about 5,000 steps a day using a pedometer? Or you could set a goal of walking 16 hours between now and December 24th. That would be a very manageable thirty minutes a day.

vegetablesOthers may want to set dietary goals. One dietary goal I like is trying to get 6-8 vegetables a day. Believe me, if you do that you won’t have room for extra sugar cookies or peppermint bark.

Don’t deprive yourself either! It isn’t as if you drink eggnog every day of the year. Enjoy the holidays and be sure to keep moving and keep healthy food a part of your life during the season.

Good luck!

Amy Scott Erickson was a strength coach at the University of Minnesota and a rowing coach at the University of Texas. She is now a full-time instructor at Globe University