Health & Wellness Preview Day a Success

Medical Assistant, Eye health, Globe University-Madison West

Katie Waite, medical assistant program chair speaks to students on eye health

Globe University-Madison West welcomed 130 students from Middleton, Baraboo, Southwestern and Blackhawk High Schools to the Health and Wellness Career preview day.

Director of Admissions, Jamie Buenzli explained, “The Health & Wellness Career Preview Day is a very valuable tool that Globe University provides to area high schools and students. This event gives high school students the opportunity to explore various careers within the industry and learn about techniques used in the field. We are glad to have so many participating schools this year.”

Students broke out into five sessions:

  • Germs and Disease Prevention with Lisa Schroeder, medical assistant instructor: With some discussion and a little bit of Glo germ, students experienced first-hand the importance of proper hand washing and how easily germs can spread.
  • The Human Senses & Eye Exam with medical assistant program chair, Katie Waite: Students learned about the human eye, common diseases and problems. Some volunteers also took a basic vision screening exam.
  • Aromatherapy 101 with Tasha Bynum, LMT from Sacred Rhythms Wellness Center: Students got to smell lavender, lemon, peppermint and more while learning the health benefits and science behind aromatherapy.
  • Massage Therapy Basics Lab with Jessica Boggs, massage therapy program chair:  What’s it like to see with your hands? Students learned about working in massage therapy field and did palpations on random objects.

    Massage Therapy, Jessica Boggs, Globe University-Madison West

    Jessica Boggs, massage therapy program chair

  • Applied Kinesiology with David Walker, health fitness specialist program chair: The most interactive session involved students running laps around campus, performing squats and rows on the TRX, swinging kettle-bells and attempting the “superman” exercise.

Dr. Michelle Bartman, teacher at Baraboo High School, reflected on the value of the event. “My students seem to be enjoying it. It’s nice for them to be able to see alternative careers in health and wellness. If they like science and anatomy, it seems that the only place they automatically think of being is either a doctor or nurse. Today they saw that there are a whole bunch of careers out there in the health sciences world that they can do. So I’m really glad that they are getting a chance to attend today.”

Students shared their favorite sessions and why.

“I really liked the aromatherapy session. I just felt really relaxed and it was interesting to learn that something natural can make you feel so good. In today’s society where stuff is created in a lab, it’s really interesting to learn that there are other products out there.”-Senior, Blackhawk High School

TRX, Lauren DiCarlo, Health Fitness Specialist program

Lauren DiCarlo, student in the health fitness specialist program cheers on students as they try out the TRX.

“I learned a lot in the massage therapy session.  I learned it was more about touching and feeling, that you need to rely on your touch rather than sight to know what is going on with your client’s body.” –Junior, Southwest High School.

Ashley DiCarlo, alumni in the massage therapy program who helped in the applied kinesiology session, shared her thoughts: “It was a great way to get the word out to the kids that there are people out there who don’t just do the Swedish massage spa, but therapeutic as well and who really want to help you do better at what you want to do.

David Walker, program chair in the health fitness specialist program added, “The event was fantastic. It gave my students a great opportunity to work with people and to learn how to motivate them at a higher level of intensity. It gave visiting students a chance to see different aspects of working out and what you might do in this field. They were really engaged.”