Hearts Race as Health Fitness Students Experience Kosama

Health fitness program

Introduction to Exercise Science students at Kosama.

Students in the Introduction to Exercise Science class at Globe University-Madison West got an adrenaline-charged experience when they visited Kosama, a group personal training establishment that focuses on complete body transformation.

One objective for this health fitness program class is for students to engage and learn about various health fitness career options. They can vary from group fitness or personal trainer to youth or senior fitness trainer. Students explored the group fitness trainer option while at Kosama.

Molly Beinborn, a Globe University-Madison West graduate in the health fitness specialist program and manager of Kosama, gave the class a brief tour of the facility and offered her insight on her education at Globe University and working at Kosama.

It was an intense class as students then got their heart moving by participating in one of Kosama’s signature courses called K4-Cardio, a cardiovascular centered class.  Students got their blood flowing doing back to back intervals of cardio moves. There were a lot of push-ups, upper body and body work built in as well.

health fitness

Students sweat during K4-Cardio

“I thought it was a great class and a good experience.” said Todd Grauvogl, student in the health fitness specialist program. “This is the type of career I’m looking into as I want to work with endurance athletes. In that respect, this class was very much what I was looking for. I had fun.”

Molly Beinborn took a moment to share some insights on health fitness careers and how health fitness specialist students can thrive.

  • Devoted to a career in health fitness? You must commit to the health fitness lifestyle: “I feel that a big part of the program is being active and taking care of your body. Because when you work in this field people look to you first as a guide and a role model. When you commit to this program, you want to make sure you are committing to it as well in your lifestyle.”
  • Explore your options: “I hope the students who visited us today see that this is one area where there is a possibility to have a career. There are many options. When I first started as a student, I knew this was an area of interest for me, but [wondered] where can I go with it.  Am I going to be a personal trainer? I never saw myself as a group fitness trainer let alone a manager, and here I am.”

    health fitness

    Molly Beinborn, Globe alumni and manager of Kosama, talks to students about Kosama.

  • Take advantage of the prospects that come your way: “When opportunities come your way, seize them. See where it takes you because you never know. I never thought that group fitness would be a good fit for me and I absolutely love it.”
  • Stay informed: “Continue to stay up on health fitness information. It’s always changing. There are always new studies being done. Understanding nutrition, how the body works and the changing trends in health fitness is important. There are always fads but there are also programs that stick and work for people, so always staying up on health fitness knowledge and education is very important, during school and after graduation.”

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