HFS Students visit to Orange Theory

On Monday, March 5, the Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) students in Introduction to Exercise Science experienced an Orange Theory workout.  Orange Theory recently opened a new location in Plymouth and offers workouts designed to keep individuals in the “orange zone.”  The “orange” zone refers to intensity between the “yellow”and the “red” zone; roughly 80-85% heart rate.

HFS students, Anthony, Alicia, Tony, Marshall, and their fearless leader, instructor Carrie Rowell, sweated through a 60-minute interval class that used treadmills, rowing machines, TRX and the floor.

According to Orange Theory Personal Trainer Jed, every workout is different and every class is different. Although a task master, Jed provided great encouragement for us to continue through some of the toughest parts of the workout. We are looking forward to another visit soon.  Thanks Orange Theory!