Looking for Ways to Save Money on Personal Trainer Education?

Are you looking for a way to help pay for your personal trainer education?  Many students pick up part-time jobs that wind up distracting them from their school work. Others are so busy with family and children that they don’t have time to take on additional work to pay for school. Now there is help.

Check out the School Soup website and learn all about the Scholarship Zone. In 2012, School Soup will be giving away $10,000 a month every month to some lucky student. No essays, no GPAs and no stress. Time to get in the zone!

If you haven’t visited School Soup, do so today. Filling out all of the information can be somewhat time consuming, but that is how scholarships are found that “match” you. Make sure you carve out some time to enter all of the relevant data so you can be matched to the maximum number of scholarships. School Soup additionally allows students to sign up for weekly emails to stay informed about new and upcoming scholarship opportunities. Additional financial tools are also available on their website for your convenience.

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business is also helping students with the cost of tuition by introducing “tiered tuition.” If a student takes more than 10 credits, the cost of tuition drops from $460 to $425 a credit.  Although tuition is capped at 16 credits per term, qualified students can take more than 16 credits and not be charged for the additional credits. See the Globe University website for more information and best of luck!