Muscle Activation Techniques Lab Draws Students Nationwide

MAT, health fitness management

Students attended the MAT lab session at Globe University. They hailed from California, Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, North Carolina and Minnesota.

Last weekend, Globe University health fitness management students attended a special lab on the innovative tactic known as Muscle Activation Techniques™, or MAT. MAT was originally founded and developed by Globe University instructor Greg Roskopf, who was also the presenter for students in the lab on their first day, followed by lead MAT instructor Matt Bernier on days two and three.

Heath fitness students from California, Utah, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, North Carolina and Minnesota all eagerly participated in the weekend-long session that included a focus on the lower body muscular system, learning the MAT range of motion evaluation and muscle testing specific to the evaluation process.

Students were also given tools of specific isometrics to help strengthen the muscles they identified as weak in the evaluation process. A common response heard throughout the weekend was, “This actually works–it’s amazing!” and “I have so many clients who need this, I can’t wait to be able to truly help them.”

MAT, health fitness management

MAT founder Greg Roskopf and his lab students

A bonus takeaway from this weekend was the unique chance for students to share their backgrounds and career paths with one another.  There was a range of professionals from personal trainers, to yoga and Pilates instructors, strength coaches and massage therapists.  It was fun to see how, regardless of the work each student does in the fitness field, they all saw the value this new skill set was going to bring to their clients.

The MAT application process is very specific, so it was important that all students were hands-on as they learned. For this active crowd, the hands-on components of this master’s degree program are what excites them the most and keeps them wanting more.

The second lab takes place in April, when the students will come back having practiced what they learned this past weekend and prepared to learn more to continue advancing their skills to the next level.

To learn more about MAT and the immediate impact it can have on clients, click here.