Personal Trainer Education vs. Personal Trainer Certification: Top Ten Reasons

As the dean of the Health Fitness Specialist degree at Globe University, you can probably guess what I’m going to say in terms of education versus certification. However, I think it is important to highlight the importance of personal trainer education as well as the recent trends in the health and fitness industry. So here it is, my top ten list of reasons to pursue personal trainer education rather than simply settle for a certification:

1. If you are being entrusted to work with someone’s body, you should have a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and how the various systems of the body respond to exercise.

2. Applying force to someone’s system is an enormous responsibility and a significant number of personal trainers do so without understanding the dire repercussions. After all, adding stress to a stressed system can result in negative health results; not positive.

3. A personal trainer certification may qualify you to conduct a metabolic assessment on a client, but do you understand the science behind the assessment? Do you understand the different energy systems?

4. An increasing number of fitness center, gyms, and spas are now requiring a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, health fitness, corporate wellness, physical fitness or some type of personal trainer education. In fact, The Marsh in Minnetonka was recently voted the best in terms of personal training because all of the employees have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

5. Individuals possessing personal trainer education credentials will likely have more opportunities for advancement  and earning potential than those simply possessing a personal trainer certification.

6. A personal trainer certification simply cannot cover the amount of material addressed in a bachelor’s degree.

7. In this economy, revenue generation and retention is important to employers. Hiring an individual with a health fitness degree will likely translate into more revenue for the gym and longer retention for the organization.

8.  Consumers are getting smarter! Individuals hiring a personal trainer are looking for more than someone with a sense of humor, big biceps and the ability to count to ten. Many individuals new to a gym ask for the most educated personal trainer available.

9.  Understanding how to work with special populations is increasingly important in our society. With over 40 million Americans suffering from heart disease and another 80 million suffering from diabetes, personal trainers need to understand the complexities of various health issues and how to properly work with the body.

10. The Health Fitness Specialist degree at Globe University has career placement specialists whose sole purpose is finding graduates jobs in the health and wellness field. Not just your first job, mind you; they will continue to look for work for 10, 20, even 30 years down the road! No personal trainer certification can boast lifelong dedication to career placement.