Registration for the Resistance Training Specialist Courses Starts Today!

As you may know, Globe University/Minnesota School of Business is the only school in the country that offers the Resistance Training Specialist (RTS 123) certification as part of the Health Fitness Specialist bachelor’s degree.

What does that mean for you? Well, if you are a Globe University student, it means that one of your instructors for the Fall 2012 term will be RTS123 founder Tom Purvis! That is like having Jack Welch teach a business class or Mark Zuckerberg teach a social media class. When it comes to personal training or health and fitness, Tom is one of the best.

So what is RTS and why should personal trainers be interested in it? RTS123 is dedicated to the objective exploration of industry standards and trends such as “functional training”, “stretching” and “full range of motion” as well as examining and applying the ignored science of Exercise Mechanics.

Below is a preview of what students will be learning over the next three months:
• The “Inside View” of the body and exercise
• Exposing exercise myths and biases
• Mastering precision exercise
• Functional Continuum® strategies
• Exercise mechanics
• Strategic ResistanceTM
• Creating the ultimate Exercise ExperienceTM

What else can students expect? Learn how becoming an expert is ALL in the details.

• See why there’s much more to exercise than just training motions.
• Learn which “functional” exercises are not functional at all.
• Learn why all types of exercise come down to joints, resistance, and muscular response!
• Every form of exercise is resistance exercise.
• Learn why a 10 pound weight is not 10 pounds of resistance.
• Experience how the numbers on the weight are no indication of the forces on your body.
• Improve joint forces, optimize outcomes, and enhance the Exercise ExperienceTM.
• The value of your training sessions is directly related to the experiences you provide.
• Master the customization and strategic manipulation of all the factors that comprise the Exercise ExperienceTM.
• Explore the surprising myths and realities of kinetic chains, muscle imbalances, and stretching.
• Master Strategic Variation® and hone the skills of teaching exercise to increase your value as a true Exercise Professional.

Registration starts today, August 20, 2012, and seats are limited. This course is held annually during the Fall term at the Plymouth campus, so if you don’t get in this year, try again next year.

Good luck!

Learn more about the Health Fitness Specialist degree at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business.