Student Spotlight: Lindburgh Neal, Exercise Science Program

Have you ever met a person whose passion you can feel when you are talking with them? I recently met that person. Lindburgh Neal is a current student at Globe University. Neal is also an Army veteran, father of two girls, husband, and a volunteer for his local church. Just those responsibilities would deter some people from returning to school, but not Neal. He decided to pursue his passion and jumped back into school head first. Neal enrolled in the exercise science program.

health fitness specialist

Lindburgh Neal with his wife and daughters

Neal was stationed in Germany while in the Army. He was working in IT and at a point where he was either going to have to stay in IT indefinitely, or take a risk and do something he loved.

This led him to a college search. He looked at numerous schools, but he could not find a program to ignite his passion. So he thought about what he loved and those things were health, sports and fitness.

Finally he found the health fitness specialist program at Globe University. Globe University aligned with his personal goals of wanting to help others with life changes and making a difference in people’s lives.

As a Sergeant in the Army, Neal has learned many things that he is applying to his education. He has learned how to be disciplined and assertive. Neal also learned in the Army that things in life can be hard, but you have still have to do them. That directly correlates to Neal’s full-time class schedule. It may be hard, but he is doing it!

“Globe University inspired me to go full time,” Neal said. “They made it possible.”

With Neal’s busy life schedule, he manages his schoolwork whenever he has a spare moment. If there is downtime at work, Neal is doing classwork. He uses any opportunity available. Neal tries to complete all classwork during the week so he can leave his weekends open to spend time with his family.

I asked Neal for advice to anyone thinking of returning to school.

Neal said, “Go after what you really want — you won’t regret it.”


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