10 Reasons to See Your Personal Trainer before Going to the State Fair

It’s nearly that time of year again; time for the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the State Fair!  In years past, vendors have wowed us with their bold (read: questionable) culinary creations. Who could forget the deep fried butter on a stick, the potato tornado, or deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough?

Fear not! This year has equally promising fare – in terms of calorie density, that is. So, make sure you hit the gym before you embark on this gastronomic adventure and feel free to review recent Health Fitness Specialist blogs that remind you of the importance of regular physical activity and decreasing your sugar consumption.

Now, before you get mad at me, trust me that some of these items sound absolutely delicious. In moderation, of course.

The Top 10:

1. Bacon ice cream – Yes, you read that correctly.  It is being billed as “Real cooked and
candied bacon in ice cream with a hint of maple flavor.”  Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore.

2. Lamb testicles – This one is new to me and shows an international flare not typically seen in Minnesota! “Marinated with Holy Land spices and served grilled or deep fried in a crumb coating and served with traditional dill sauce.”

3. Great Balls of Fire – What is it? “Hot and spicy ground pork sausage rolled into balls and served with dipping sauces.”

4. Belgian Street Waffle – “Authentic waffles with a caramelized pearl sugar crust coating on a soft, sweet, dense and doughy waffle.” (It may not be the only thing at the fair that can be described as soft, sweet, dense and doughy.)  Served plain or topped with Nutella, maple butter or fresh fruit.”  Top anything with Nutella and it can’t be all bad.

5. Spaghetti Eddie’s Super Stick – Some things you simply can’t make up.  “A stick of
pepperoni and cheese dipped in a garlic batter mix, deep fried and served with marinara and hot BBQ dipping sauces.”

6. Ragin’ Ankles – Not familiar with this one, either, but I think everyone knows Famous Dave’s cooking. “Slow-smoked tender pork shanks, crispy fried and tossed in a spicy pineapple rage sauce – a combination of grilled fresh pineapple, habaneros, BBQ sauce, pineapple juice and cayenne.”

7. Scone with Sausage Gravy – My southern friends will be lining up for this treat! “A buttermilk scone covered with traditional southern gravy and sausages.”

8. Sweetie’s Delights – “Mashed sweet potatoes on-a-stick, lightly battered and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with a side of whipped cream.” Huh?

9. Red Velvet Funnel Cake – This one just keeps getting better as you read about it! “Red-velvety funnel cake flavored with a dash of cocoa, brushed with butter, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze.”

10. Camel Burger Sliders – These have limited availability, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. “(Available Aug. 31-Sept. 3) – Spiced camel meat served with tomato, white American cheese, spicy mayo and caramelized onions.” (Incidentally, I love it that they serve camel meat with American cheese.)

Bon appetit!

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