Veteran Builds Health Fitness Career Success – Part 1

HFM student, Steve Van ZandtSteve Van Zandt is a dedicated fitness professional and the president of SVZ Performance in Davie, Florida.  Since leaving the military  in 2006, Steve has dedicated himself to building a successful career in health fitness.  His thirst for knowledge and drive for success have led him to the Master of Science in Health Fitness Management program at Globe University.

In this two part interview, Steve shares his goals and why he chose the HFM program at Globe University.

Q:  How long have you been working in the health and fitness career field?

Steve:  I’ve been working as a personal trainer, strength coach, and sports nutritionist for 5 years and counting.

Q:  What are some changes you have gone through in your career in this field?

Steve:  I’ve done a lot of evolving over the years through experience and education. Programs such as Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist have had some of the biggest influences on my approach to training. In terms of having a true understanding of biomechanics and understanding the effect that exercises have on the body, these two programs are a must for any fitness professional looking to maximize results for their clients.

Q:  What interested you in taking the Health Fitness Management Master’s degree program?

Steve:  I actually consider my enrollment in the program to be somewhat fate. I’ve always had a strong interest in muscle activation techniques, especially after taking the MAT jumpstart course. I felt I was at a place in my life to take on a new challenge, so I began researching opportunities.  I found that the MAT coursework was coming to an area close to where I live.  As I became aware of the master’s degree that included the MAT coursework, that was of most interest to me.  As a veteran, seeing Globe University was a military friendly college, made a difference.  Most of all as I researched, I found the HFM program would allow me to pursue a master’s degree as well as the MAT internship at once. As a new business owner the program was perfect for me and at that point, enrolling was a no brainer.

Q:  What goals do you have once you achieve your degree in this program?MAT, Health Fitness

Steve:  I’m looking to take the skills I acquire to advance my business and spread our message of the importance of health and fitness in life. I also look forward to building a team of passionate fitness professionals to provide the absolute best experience for our clients during the pursuit of their goals.

Q:  How was your first lab weekend for your MAT class?

Steve:  The first weekend reinforced my interest in the MAT approach. The founder, Greg Roskopf, reinforced the founding principles and concepts behind MAT. I’m looking forward to the second weekend to start identifying attachment sites. It’s very exciting. I’m definitely enjoying it.

Q:  Is the MAT content information you feel will add value to your career?

Steve:  Without question MAT has and will add tremendous value to my career. With the jumpstart program alone I have been able to further progress my clients and expand my reach to an entirely new market. No other course or certification has contributed to my success as much as MAT has.

Learn more about Steve and pursuing a career in Health Fitness in Part 2 of his interview.