Veteran Builds Health Fitness Career Success – Part 2

We met Steve Van Zandt, fitness professional and president of SVZ Performance in Part 1 of this interview.  In Part 1, Steve covered the fitness end of his education in the Health Fitness Management program at Globe University.  In Part 2, we will discuss business and career success.

Q:  What do you feel is the importance of marketing, sales and business skills in the fitness career field?Health Fitness Management, SVZ Performance

A:  To be successful in the fitness industry you must have the marketing skills to promote your technical skills. Unfortunately, many people with a degree in or related to exercise science are working outside of the field due to lack of direction or stable income.  Having a lot of knowledge doesn’t mean much without  clients. The fitness industry has lost a lot of skilled trainers due to a lack of business tactics or communication skills to promote their services. In fact, it is more often you see fitness gimmicks or gurus with poor educational backgrounds become successful as a result of clever advertising tactics. That’s why the HFM program at Globe University is a great option for passionate fitness professionals looking to make a positive impact while establishing a legitimate career path.

Q:  What motivates you to learn more each day

A;  My motivation starts with a passion for what I do. When you’re passionate about your profession you want to be the best you can at your craft. The human body is a complex and evolving system. There are so many things to consider when challenging the body with exercise and there is no better feeling than finding a successful formula that brings results to your clients and positively impacts their lives.

Q:  Do you have any words of encouragement to share with other fitness professionals looking for more meaning in their career?

If you’re a passionate fitness professional and challenge yourself with things that motivate you, opportunities and success will find you. The best investment you can make is in expanding your knowledge. Just as we tell our clients, if you do not challenge yourself there will be no change. Similarly, if we do not challenge ourselves mentally stagnation will set in and we will plateau. Love what you do and do what you love and you will have a legitimate and fulfilling career in this field.