Weight of the Nation, Part 2

Today I’m writing about the second installment of the 4-part HBO documentary Weight of the Nation. Below are interesting ideas, tips, and facts from the documentary for those interested in personal trainer education as well as those interested in making lifestyle changes to prevent disease.

In a recent interview with one of our Health Fitness Specialist advisory board members, I learned that lifestyle coaching is becoming increasingly necessary and popular. This installment of the documentary underscores how important lifestyle coaches can be for those struggling with obesity and diabetes.

If you have time to watch the documentary, click here. If not, read on!

-The National Institutes of Health spends over $800 million annually researching obesity.

-Neuroscientists are studying brain function in terms food consumption.

-Some clinical trials have shown evidence of improving health and reducing weight by making relatively small lifestyle adjustments.

-The question was asked: Is there a right way to lose weight?  The following tips were suggested:

1. Start with small steps. One woman noticed that she was drinking several thousand calories daily.

2. Make sure goals are realistic.

3. Seek support from those that can relate.

4. Keep portions under control.

5. Keep careful track of caloric intake.

6. Plan and structure meals

7. Make physical activity a part of your life

-If someone loses weight, they aren’t the same metabolically as they were before. This will affect the amount of calories they can consume for the rest of their lives.

-Giving up sugary drinks (soda) is the BEST thing someone can do to start losing weight. Soda has no nutritional value whatsoever.

-The correlation between stress and weight gain is significant, and exercise can help reduce that stress. Exercise can release adequate opioids to the brain, so people don’t reach for opioid-inducing (i.e., calorie dense) foods.

-The National Weight Control Registry is an organization that investigates long-term successful weight loss.

Stay tuned for part 3!