What is a Certified Personal Trainer?

certified personal trainer, health fitness specialistYou can find certified personal trainers in a health clubs, corporations, recreation centers and even at people’s homes. A certified personal trainer assists clients with weight loss, strength training and other physical training.

Clients tend to gravitate towards services offered by personal trainers instead of training independently or in a large group for a more structured and personalized approach to getting in shape. Certified personal trainers work with clients to create plans to best address their fitness goals. Although tasks of each certified personal trainer can vary from day to day, many certified personal trainers complete a combination of the following:


Certified personal trainers often work with clients on an initial consultation or assessment to determine the wants and needs of their client. These sessions also gives clients an opportunity to share any health concerns with their certified personal trainer to ensure that fitness plans are built around any special conditions.

Planning and Goal Setting

An important part of a certified personal trainer’s job is to assist clients with goal setting and putting together an overall fitness plan. A fitness plan generally consists of a combination of cardio, strength training and nutritional planning.

Certified personal trainers often work with clients on an on-going basis to adjust fitness and nutrition plans as needed. Those certified personal trainers who specialize in a particular area of fitness may be require to make additional considerations when creating or adjusting a client’s plan.

Fitness Sessions

Of course, as part of their job, a certified personal trainer conducts training sessions with their clients. While many certified personal trainers will work with clients one on one, some personal trainers hold small group sessions upon a client’s request.

During fitness sessions, a certified personal trainer will teach clients how to complete the various stretching and exercise techniques that are a part of their plan. After the initial overview of equipment and techniques, a certified personal trainer will guide clients through their workouts and provide feedback.


Depending on where a certified personal trainer is employed, marketing can be a very important part of their position. Some certified personal trainers can be required to do most, if not all of their marketing independently. This is especially the case if a certified personal trainer is self-employed.

Word of mouth can be a major factor in gaining new clients, making it important for certified personal trainers to provide a positive experience for current clients.


The process of becoming a certified personal trainer will vary depending on the type of education and certification you decide to complete. Some colleges offer a health fitness specialist program, which can help prepare students for personal trainer certification. A health fitness specialist program curriculum often includes education in exercise science skills and industry techniques. Students may also be introduced to business skills that can help them in their future career.

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