What is Muscle Activation Techniques?

MATGlobe University is the first college in the nation to offer Muscle Activation Techniques Education, one of the most sought after techniques for practitioners in the sports and fitness industry.  Muscle Activation Techniques has been critical to many professional athletes staying in the game, as well as helping individuals regain their life by eliminating pain and/or injury.  See what professional athletes are saying about MAT in this recent article in Sports Illustrated.

The Master’s Degree in Health Fitness Management at Globe University is designed to provide a new career pathway for individuals who want to make a difference in the sports and fitness industry.  This unique Master’s degree teaches students to become MAT specialists along with teaching marketing and business skills to help with career advancement.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT’s) premise is that human movement and exercise are fundamental to human health and that muscle health is critical for normal movement.   Any loss of muscle(s) efficiency may be shown as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance, which may lead to subjective complaints and/or the loss of physical capabilities.  The fitness industry is meant to help individuals function more effectively, which is why it is necessary to understand how to evaluate the muscular system and correct imbalances that lead to pain and injury.

Greg Roskopf, founder of MAT, started his career in California as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fresno State University from 1985-1988. He also received his Masters Degree in Physical Education with an Emphasis in Exercise Science from Fresno State University.  Looking at the cause and effect of the muscular system and how it relates to pain, Greg has gained his position as a specialist in the improvement of muscle function. He has developed a program which fits the gap between the medical and exercise fields. Greg has also worked as a consultant for various professional sports teams including the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.  Hear from Greg in this video.

Muscle Activation Techniques within the Health Fitness Management Master’s degree is a powerful combination of knowledge and hands on skills that will create drastically new career potential!