Reid Perry

Reid Perry has been involved in the fitness and training industry for over 20 years. Reid has completed doctoral work in kinesiology with an emphasis on biomechanics/motor learning at the University of Minnesota. He holds a master’s degree in kinesiology with a focus in biomechanics from the University of Minnesota.

Reid has been teaching at the university level for since 1997. He began at the University of Minnesota teaching biomechanics, measurement/evaluation, research and an applied sport science course. He was a faculty member at UW-River Falls and the Head Women’s Golf Coach. He instructed anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning and exercise physiology during his time there. Reid is currently the exercise science program chair at Globe University -Woodbury.

Prior to his teaching career, Reid worked as a therapeutic aquatic specialist as a part of the rehabilitation team at the then Ramsey (Regents) Hospital working with individuals with LBP, neuromuscular disease, spinal cord injuries, and arthritis.

In addition to teaching, Reid has been a consultant for research conducted by 3M and the Minnesota State Attorney General. He is a certified Level V Ki-Hara Resistance Trainer and has been working with clients since 2009. He is currently involved with research projects. One is investigating the effect of resistance stretching on skill performance and biomechanical changes while learning the golf swing. The second project is investigating the difference in fitness parameters between a whole body electrical stimulation suit and tradition group exercise classes.