1 Super-Secret Networking Tip & 4 Other Reasons to Start Networking

So we hear it all the time: network, network, network. Yet many of us either despise the idea or perhaps we freeze up when we need to talk to strangers. Whatever the case may be, students and staff from Globe University-Green Bay are going to share five reasons that demonstrate the importance of networking, one of those being a networking super-secret!

Networking in action

Networking in action

1. Learn about the hidden job market

Do not waste your time looking for job listings on the internet because many job opportunities are never posted. “The invisible job network is always present, “ – Jane Frisch, business administration student.
2. Networking helps you gain insight about yourself

“It helps us have insight on our own ideas as well as people who can and will help you out along your own path, ” – Crystal Tenhaken, vet tech student.
3. Networking leads to chance encounters

Just like Forest Gump’s reference to a box of chocolates, “you never know what you are going to get” also applies to networking. “You never know who you may leave a lasting impression on and how it may benefit you down the road.” – Aly Linstadt, vet tech student.

4. It provides new options and ideas

When you are networking, it allows an opportunity to meet new people and also think about different paths you may take, whether through work or volunteering. “It opens doors to new opportunities and shows you how open people can be in the community,” – Heicey Rodriguez, medical assistant student.

Business student, Jane Frisch, networking with Laura Ankerson

5. The super-secret tip about networking…

Jackie Doperalski, director of career services, has a secret to share about networking. “The secret is it works for everything! Even Packers tickets, finding a date, finding out the scoop on your favorite restaurant or learn about deals in stores,” Doperalski states. “It’s interesting because people network all the time—they just don’t call it that. When it is said in relation to job seeking, people freak out!”

Well there you have it—our five networking tips. Are there any tips that you would add? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts or check us out on Facebook!