15 Reasons Jennie Wertel Is One Heck of a Staff Member of the Year

Our campus received many nominations for several staff members, but one in particular stood out from the rest. You may see her around the halls, walking quickly to help with vet tech surgeries or tutoring students in the computer lab as she is always busy.

We are proud to announce Jennie Wertel, vet tech program chair, as the recipient of our Staff Member of the Year Award! Why is she so awesome? Here are 15 reasons:

vet tech program

  1. She is an active listener with students and coworkers and demonstrates the qualities of a strong leader who always represents Globe University-Green Bay well.
  2. She is great with our campus’ open door policy as she is always willing to listen or help.
  3. By offering tutoring sessions and being a leader in best faculty practices, Jennie paves the way for finding out tricks in Campus Connect and provides training as well.
  4. She is approachable, helpful and eager to answer any questions.
  5. She is always willing to help students or staff members and is willing to talk about new ideas for her program.      
  6. She is professional, respectful and thinks outside the box.
  7. She goes the extra mile for her students every day and takes the time to get to know all of her students — which is a big deal considering she’s got a huge program!
  8. When she comes across a student who has needs that may go beyond what they are getting in school, she does her best to help them.
  9. She gets along with everyone so well and is just as giving with her coworkers as she is with her students. She will step up and help out whenever asked.        
  10. She has a super strong work ethic. Her students see this and many emulate it. She is tough on her students because she wants the best out of them.
  11. She not only works well with the vet tech team, but also with all of the other teams on campus. She helps the vet tech team to provide excellent service to our students.
  12. She is always able to answer questions of staff or students and goes the extra mile even though she may not actually have any free time in her schedule.
  13. She truly cares about every student and teacher on her staff.
  14. She is definitely a “do as I say and do” person because she is consistent in her messages and her actions.
  15. She backs up everything she says with positive outcomes and never has to step on anyone to get there. A true leader.