3 Scholarships Worth Applying For

Scholarship Deadlines Are Fast Approaching

Globe University has several exciting scholarship opportunities offered exclusively to current high school students.

1. High School Advantage Scholarship

The first scholarship is for students that are really excited to get a jump start on their college education, called the High School Advantage Scholarship. In this scholarship, students can save well over $5,000 in tuition and get a jump start on their education. Students are eligible to start taking classes towards their degree while still in high school, without having to pay tuition on these classes. For those students who are serious about wanting to start their program as soon as possible, this scholarship is a great fit.

2. Monthly Director’s Test

The second scholarship is the monthly Director’s Test. Each month, students can sign up for the option to take a one-hour test with hopes of earning up to $5,000 in scholarship money! The scholarship total is directly related to how well a student scores on the test. Since students are only given one chance to take this test, it is important for them to have their game-face on. Award amounts range from $500-$5,000 based on the results of the test. All students need to do is sign up to dedicate one hour’s worth of time to this test in order to qualify for the scholarship.

3. President’s Scholarship

The third of the scholarships is the most time sensitive, the President’s Scholarship. This scholarship is based only on when a student applies to school, as well as their GPA when they graduate high school.  You may qualify for an award of $1,000 to $5,000. The deadline to be eligible for the maximum amount of money per GPA range is January 1, 2013. As each month passes, the scholarship money available for each student decreases. Any student who is interested in attending Globe University is encouraged to apply before the deadline in order to maximize their scholarships.

college scholarshipsGlobe University-Green Bay director of admissions, Beth Spiering, explains some of the specific details of these scholarships in the attached video.

Kristin Thyrion, Globe University-Green Bay director of financial aid, regularly updates our scholarship board on campus each month to reflect the most recent scholarship opportunities. Any students interested in more information on these college scholarship, for high schoolers should contact their personal admissions representative, or contact the Green Bay campus at 920-264-1600.

Written by Adam Hatlak, Globe University-Green Bay college representative