3 Ways to Become a ‘Student of Recognition’

medical assistant

Kayla Taddy, medical assistant student

Students, staff, and faculty at Globe University-Green Bay were asked to nominate an individual they felt deserved to be recognized as our fall 2014 quarter student of recognition. This quarter’s student of recognition goes to an individual that excels in and out of the classroom. Kayla Taddy, a medical assistant program student, shows us that if something is important, we will make time for it. So, here is to a 2015 with no excuses. Let Kayla Taddy show you it is possible to do well in all aspects of life.

1.  Be an active student ambassador.

Kayla was selected as a student ambassador within the medical assistant program by instructors and staffs and has shown her classmates that she takes this role seriously and wants them to succeed.

“Kayla has an encouraging, compassionate, and approachable attitude,” Veronica Kruse, medical assistant program chair, said. “In the same breath, she is very task orientated and likes to complete her to-do list accurately and timely. She is very efficient with managing time and enjoys staying ahead of the game whenever possible.”

A classmate of Kayla’s shared a similar response, “Kayla has helped me gain confidence in my skills and offers words of encouragement and a listening ear. Simply put, Kayla is an excellent role model for future students.”

2.  Participate on a committee and create positive change.

Kayla is also a member of the Medical Assistant Program Effectiveness Committee that gathers quarterly to discuss a plan to continuously improve retention, placement, externship/employer experience and overall student experience within the campus’ medical assistant program. Kayla offers advice from a student perspective that allows future students a chance to enjoy their hands-on experiences that much more. The program continues to evolve and improve with the help of Kayla’s feedback.

3.  Volunteer within your community.

Many members of the Globe University-Green Bay campus commented on how amazed they were with Kayla’s ability to juggle a family and a full-time course schedule while continuing to volunteer regularly within the Green Bay community.

Congratulations Kayla and thank you for showing all of us how to be a better person in 2015!