4 Insights on Volunteering from a Vet Tech Student

Meet Sasha Wilson, a Globe University-Green Bay student in our veterinary technology program. She is dedicated to volunteering and would like to share about her experience as a student who is highly involved in the Green Bay community.

veterinary technology program

Sasha Wilson earned a Community Service Scholarship

Q: Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I like to be able to help people in any way. Even just the little things that you can do to make someone smile can make a big difference in their life. It also makes me feel good when I can give back my time for those who have given their time to me. Even though the places I have volunteered at haven’t directly affected me, I feel it is important to show kindness and compassion because it can encourage those who see it to feel the same way. I think that a lot of times when people see others volunteering their time it can have an impact on them and maybe they, too, will volunteer.

Q: Where do you volunteer?

I have volunteered many places. I have gone to nursing homes and day centers for those who need assistance and have played piano for them for a couple hours at a time. It is amazing to see how much their spirits are lifted because of some silly songs on the piano. I volunteered to help with the food tent for the Packer 5K; we prepared and maintained food for the runners. I also help out at the National Railroad Museum when they have special events going on. They have a Great Bunny Train, a Great Pumpkin Train, Polar Express, and Thomas I will be helping with in June. It is a lot of fun working with the volunteers and the people at the museum; everyone is light-hearted.

veterinary technology program

Students and staff volunteer at the Packer 5K, Sasha is on the right

Q: What do you enjoy about your experience?

I really enjoyed meeting all new people, and being able to see how grateful everyone is that you are there to help make each thing possible for them. I also greatly enjoyed being able to learn new things about how to run certain areas or how to help be a leader with your group of volunteers. It is also a good way to understand why it is so important to be responsible because depending on your tasks you have to monitor different areas and make sure that everyone stays where they are supposed to be, or to make sure you are keeping up the stock of food for the runners. There were so many enjoyable moments I have had while volunteering that it’s hard to think of just a few.

Q: Why do you think it is important to give back to your community?

It is so important to give back to your community because in some way or another it is needed. Volunteering isn’t about what you are going to get out of it, it’s definitely not about being paid, and it is certainly not about having something to put on your resume. It is nice to have for a resume but it is about being able to help those in need and making them feel better. To me it is important because if you think about all of the times people came to help you in your times of need because it helped you, not because they wanted something out of it. That is why it’s important—because you never know what one small thing can do to make a huge impact on someone’s life.