Authors Among Us: How These Students Got Published

We at Globe University-Green Bay have been asking three students for their autographs now that they are published in the “Creative Quill.” The Quill is an annual publication that features students’ literary and design works.

The campus held a momentous gathering to honor the three students: Annette Bergevain, Megan Broeren and Tammi Wadeen. Suzanne McDonald, a writing instructor and Creative Quill coordinator, was instrumental in organizing the event.

Creative Quill, Globe University

From left: Annette Bergevain, Tammy Wadeen, Suzanne McDonald & Megan Broeren

Annette Bergevain: The Ding of an Elevator

Annette wrote a ballad about something we will all have to go through—the loss of a parent. Written from an adult voice as the exchange is made from child to care giver, it is a beautiful, moving work.

Annette is pursuing an associate degree in veterinary technology. She says that coming back to school after 25 years has been challenging, exciting and rewarding, and her husband and three grown children have been very supportive.

Megan Broeren: The Human Zoo

Megan wrote a poem of a personification of anxiety taken its form to a shopping experience. Edgy and humorous, Megan revealed a hidden talent in writing.

Megan is going to school to be a veterinary technician. In her free time, she enjoys riding her horse and camping.

Tammi Wadeen: She Waits & The Unwelcomed Change of Life

Having been featured in the Quill before, Tammi sought to challenge herself with this submission. She chose to write a closed form of poetry, a Sestina, which is a difficult form for anyone to attempt, but she did it with great success. Tammy also wrote a creative nonfiction piece about the pain and suffering of losing a child. This won her second place for creative nonfiction.

Mother of three, grandmother of 12, and married for over 35 years, Tammi is a nurse and is in the process of changing her career to managerial accounting.