Baby Bunnies and All: Vet Techs Practice Skills at Oconto Area Humane Society

Students earning veterinary technology degrees at Globe University-Green Bay took a field trip to the Oconto Humane Society as part of an applied learning project. The trip offered students the chance to work with animals and demonstrate their skills, such as practicing venipunctures, ear cleanings and nail trims.
veterinary technology degrees

The students saw how the Oconto Area Humane Society works compared to a vet clinic or emergency shelter. Vet tech students practiced running blood work to check for heartworm and tick borne diseases, along with two different viruses for felines. Students also practiced doing restraints in a real life setting with different temperaments, sizes and breeds of animals.

One part of the trip that stuck out most to the students was spending time with the baby bunnies.
veterinary technology

The veterinary students really provided a great benefit to the Humane Society by helping animals increase their possibility of being adopted by showing good test results. It also saved the Humane Society and adopting families money, because they typically have to bring the animal to a vet for testing.

Students appreciated the relaxed atmosphere to complete their competencies tests in a real life setting and learning things they would be doing right after they graduate. In the vet tech program, students must complete competencies or testing of real skills to demonstrate proficiency. Students also appreciated the extra practice they were able to get at the Humane Society.
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The students’ instructor, Debby Bierhals says “The students favorite part was baby bunnies.  Getting to see different animals. Different attitudes and behaviors.”

This vet tech field trip was not only fun, but also provided a real world experience where students learned valuable skills. Employees at the Oconto Area Humane Society were very appreciative and said Globe students are welcome back anytime.