Beautiful in Bellevue: Students, Staff Spruce Up Josten Park

It was a sunny, slightly warm afternoon and the smell of woody mulch meant much more than helping trees retain moisture. It signified an afternoon of volunteering as Globe University-Green Bay students and staff tended to their adopted park.
Globe University-Green Bay

Globe University adopted Josten Park in Bellevue, Wis., in 2012. Nine students and staff, along with two hardworking kids, helped spread mulch around more than 50 trees. Besides having a good time in a park, there is a lot of importance in volunteering.

Kristin Thyrion, financial aid manager at Globe University-Green Bay, said, “Students think of volunteering just as labor, but they get a lot more out of volunteering, like networking, a $2,000 scholarship or a job opportunity.”

Globe University sets itself apart by incorporating a sense of community through its We Care mission and by integrating it into its culture and classrooms. Thyrion said she volunteered to help in the park because, “It was a fun way to give back to the community.”  She has never had the opportunity to do volunteer work during scheduled work hours and is grateful for the ability to make a difference in Green Bay.
Globe University-Green Bay

Information technology student Jeremy Duffy brought his two sons, who had a great time and motivated the rest of the crew with their nonstop running and hard work. The two boys were able to ride in some of the fancy park equipment and were laughing up a storm.

Jonathan Virant, dean of education, said community service is important because, “It shows [students] how important it is to work together. We foster teamwork within Globe by training and incorporating team skills in the classroom through applied learning projects.”

Globe University-Green Bay staff and students continue to strengthen their relationship with the Village of Bellevue through this service and other collaborations. In the past, we have provided graphic design and veterinary technology students to help with projects like creating brochures and helping with the fundraising event for the Bellevue dog park.